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31 March 2010 @ 09:04 pm
Welcome to [info]jackandjill_eps . 

A resource community for the WB's 1999 TV series Jack & Jill.

A lighthearted romantic comedy about post-collegiate life, love and career in New York City, Jack & Jill takes place at one of life's universal crossroads, when you don't feel like a grown up, but you're not quite a kid anymore either - a time when anything is still possible. This one hour series humorously explores the intricacies of dating in your twenties, including the differences between men and women... and fairy tales and real life.

The main goal of this community is to provide fans with access to this great show, which was never released on DVD.
It's still under construction and I'll be uploading the episodes to this community as fast as I can.

Here you will be able to find episode downloads, and hopefully soon music, screencaps, and any other resources I can manage to get my hands on.
I hope you'll enjoy it.